Learn About Greco Girl Designs

necklaceGreco Girl Designs is a jewelry wholesaler and retailer based in New Orleans. It was started in 2016 by Natalie Greco, out of a passion to create and to make women feel beautiful and special!

Growing up in North Louisiana along with her twin sister, they were known as “the girls” by their family. Outside of the family, they were known as the “Greco Girls.” This meant laughter, mischief, creativity, loyal companionship, and always adventurous fun! With a degree in liberal arts and a background in sales, Natalie always knew that she would create something when the time was right. Thus, when the time came, a love was born, and her fate was sealed!

The goal with this line is to create classic pieces refined with artisan craftsmanship. It is our intention for our products to have timeless wearability but follow some trends for our fashion forward gals. We have affordable price points so our customers can build a collection of Greco Girl Designs. We will always make sure that you receive the very best quality and service.


"Elegant. Classic. Timeless."

Greco Girl Designs

Mandeville, LA 70471
| 318-366-2523 | grecogirldesigns@gmail.com